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Exterminate Pest Solutions

Looking after your Business or home as if it were our own!

Jason and Tayla are experienced, Licenced and Insured Technicians with over a decade of experience and knowledge between them. We work closely with our clients in providing Integrated Pest Management, which offers a more environmentally sensitive and safer way of managing pests for your Home, Business, Family and Pets!

Pest Control and Termite Services we offer on the Gold Coast, Canungra, Tamborine, Logan, Brisbane & Surrounds.

Termite Inspections

Our Termite Inspections on the Gold Coast meet the Australian standards: 3660. We inspect both internal and external areas, accessible roof voids, and utilize a moisture meter in wet areas and thermal imaging upon request.
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Termite Protection & Treatments

Expert treatment of active Termites including chemical barriers, Termite baiting & monitoring systems and chemical reticulation lines.
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Residential Pest Control

Covering cockroaches, spiders, silverfish ants. Treating Internally, externally, weep holes and accessible roof voids and nearby gardens and sheds. Additional Treatments include Flea sprays, wasps and German Cockroaches.
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Commercial Pest Control

We service a variety of commercial properties on the Gold Coast, from real estates and body corporates to childcare centers, pubs, clubs and schools, using HACCP compliant products.
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Rodent Control

Servicing Residential and Commercial properties for Rats and Mice using baiting and trapping methods.
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Solar Panel Pest Proofing

To help prevent Birds and Possums nesting under Solar Panels and causing damage. Also helps prevent leafy debris build up underneath the Solar Panels which may cause a fire Hazard.
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Bird and Nuisance Cat Control

Bird proofing and nuisance cat trapping using safe methods and care for the animal.
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Additional Treatments

Including lawn grubs, mites, lice, borers, mosquitoes, flies, beetles and bed bugs.
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Exterminate Pest Solutions is a Gold Coast based, Pest Control & Termite Business that is Family- owned and Operated by a husband-and-wife Team, Jason and Tayla

We were established in 2020 and we quickly became a household name on the Gold Coast, as a result of our Superb Customer Service, High-Quality workmanship, Attention to Detail and over a decade worth of knowledge that we pass onto our clients! We started Exterminate Pest Solutions from the ground up after Jason lost his job due to covid, after 10+ years in the industry. We took initiative and realised we could fill the gap in the Pest Industry with our thorough, effective and personalised treatments as that Is where we could see the industry was lacking and from that idea, was where Exterminate Pest Solutions was born!

We pride ourselves on the Quality of our work over the quantity of work! We understand that every Home and Business is different, and we tailor each service to your specific needs. We take the time to explain our treatments and findings after each service to help provide a more efficient Pest Management Plan for our clients.

Affordable and Competitive Pricing with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Accreditations

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We use approved chemicals by the APVMA and up to date techniques and methods to provide safe yet effective Treatments.

Yes. Our Pest Controls come with a 12-month warranty on cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and ants Internally. 12-month warranty on spiders externally and 6-month warranty on ants externally.

Yes. Renovations, External Pressure washing, Internal, External Painting and Extreme weather conditions. All these will affect the quality or remove the Pest Control Treatment.

Yes. All our Termite Inspections are completed to Australian standards: 3660

Yes. We use approved chemicals by the APVMA and up to date techniques and methods to provide safe yet effective Treatments. We tailor treatments to suit any persons who may have an allergy or are sensitive to certain products.

Yes. Whilst baiting is the most effective form to treating a Rodent Infestation, we understand some people may have an aversion to baits. That is why we offer alternative options like trapping using a non-toxic, food-based attractant.

The external of the home and yard, as well as any nearby fencing. The internal of the home and any applicable weep holes, subfloor and roof void areas.

As per Australian Standards 3660, it is recommended to have a Termite Inspection completed at least once every 12 months or once every 6 months in high Termite Activity areas.

Yes, if you have multiple services completed at the same time, we offer a multi-service discount.

At an additional cost, Thermal imaging can be provided when requested by a client, though in accordance with Australian Standards 3660, it is not to be used as a stand alone inspection tool but as an inspection Aide only. This means a Thermal Imaging camera needs to be used in conjunction with traditional Termite Inspection methods ie: A sounding device, visual inspection and a Moisture Meter.

A Termite Inspection includes inspecting the external of the home and yard up to 50m from the dwelling, Visually inspecting the internal of the home using a sounding device and torch, inspecting wet areas in the home for any high moisture levels using a moisture meter and inspecting any applicable roof void and subfloor areas. We also Inspect the Internal and external of the home for any conducive conditions to Termites.

A comprehensive, detailed Report with photo’s of any findings, will also be received once the Termite Inspection is complete.

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Here's why our customers love us

Caroline Wormald
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I would recommend Jason a million times over! Such a genuine human who really cares for his work and his clients. We have been repeat clients for years and have tested the guarantee policies as well and highly rate the business. We will continue to their services each year to keep the bugs at bay. Thanks team!
Kylie Ellwood
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Jason and Tayla are very professional, quick to respond and their services are a great price. Highly recommend these guys for pest control, extremely informative and thorough - no more pests! They look after our house and workplace and we will never go elsewhere. Thanks Exterminate!
Charles Swanepoel
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Great communication. Great service. Competitive price. Jason was easy to communicate with, provided a great timely service and explained what he was going to do. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason and Exterminate Pest Solutions.
Cathy Evans
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We have never had any issues with ants, cockroaches etc since using these guys. Jason is a whizz at what he does, very efficient and always friendly. The cost was very affordable. Would recommend Exterminate Pest Solutions to anyone.
Jackson Down
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I couldn't thank both Jason and Tayla enough for the amazing service they provided when I was having rodent and roach issues. Jason arrived on time and even provided my follow up bait check on a Saturday as it was the only time I could provide access. Professional, reliable and affordable I couldn't recommend their services higly enough.
Jonathan Parish
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I've used Jason at Exterminate Pest Solutions several times for general pest inspections and for spraying and fumigating for general pests and ant exterminations. Jason does a very comprehensive and professional job, and I highly recommend him for Gold Coast pest extermination services.
House Of Brothers
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We have used Exterminate Pest Solutions to inspect our home for termites, treat termites and monitor on an ongoing plan. Jason is extremely knowledgeable, professional and prompt. We would highly recommend using EPS.
Megan Bowness
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Jason is an absolute legend and has a plethora of knowledge about pest control. He was so thorough with his inspection and pest treatment I will continue to use and recommend this company. Thank you so much guys